Nile Wilson 21 Day Challenge

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Join Olympic Bronze Medalist Nile Wilson for his 21 Day Fitness Challenge

The fitness challenge is suitable for anyone to take part in and can be completed in the comfort of your own home. This challenge should be completed over 21 consecutive days and it aims to boost your fitness and kick start healthier habits

Daily Plan

Day Description
Monday Cardio Fitness
Tuesday Handstand Conditioning
Wednesday Mindset Talk (No Physical Activity)
Thursday Full Body Fitness
Friday Core Fitness
Saturday Flexibility
Sunday Rest and Reflect on the Week (No Physical Activity)

Workout Videos

Day 1: Cardio Fitness

Day 2: Handstand Conditioning

Day 3: Mindset

Day 4: Full Body Workout

Day 4: Full Body Workout

Day 5: Core Workout

Day 6: Flexibility

Day 7: Rest Day

Day 8: Cardio Fitness

Day 9: Handstand Conditioning

Day 10: Mindset

Day 11: Full Body Workout

Day 12: Core Workout

Day 13: Flexibility

Day 14: Rest Day

Day 15: Cardio Fitness

Day 16: Handstand Conditioning

Day 17: Mindset

Day 18: Full Body Workout

Day 19: Core Workout

Day 20: Flexibility

Day 21: Final Day